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We believe that great companies are built by driving long-term growth and creating sustainable competitive advantages.

Our Journey

“Businesses should not fear disruption and complexity. With change and complexity comes opportunity.”

Gerrit W. Kuyntjes

Partner, Mondriaan Group

Companies today increasingly face a business environment of growing complexity and disruption caused by changes in customer preferences, business models, regulations, market dynamics and new technologies. 

Navigating these changes is a challenge, especially in the diverse and heterogeneous markets of Asia Pacific, as it requires a multi-pronged response that includes market contextualization, operational agility, workforce enablement, technology integration and leadership engagement.


Business leaders engage multiple service providers to understand and address these varied requirements but face significant transmission losses in translating their vision into on-ground operational results. 

Mondriaan Group is addressing this need by carefully aggregating a portfolio of companies that provide the necessary data analytics, technology and advisory solutions to help clients future-proof their businesses.

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