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Piet Mondriaan, the painter, artist, thinker and pioneer is an inspiration to us. It was Mondriaan’s drive, his spiritual or theosophical pursuit of the aesthetic that transformed the world of art and the thinking about art.


It is especially his courage to break the mold, his absolutely unrelenting pursuit of deeper meaning, his ability to learn, incorporate, synergize and synthesize that has created something new and awe inspiring.

It is this spirit that we want to salute. We are living in tumultuous times where the pace of change is rapidly accelerating. We believe that we need to be truly multi-disciplinarians and our pursuit of true value needs to be unrelenting. We also believe that in our pursuit of excellence and value, monetary success is an outcome, and not a primary objective.

The joy of innovation, the creation of solutions that synergize the best of multiple disciplines, and the value we unlock for clients, investors, associates and partners are the motivation and the inspiration behind The Mondriaan Group.

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