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We believe that great companies are built by driving long-term growth and creating sustainable competitive advantages.

Company Profile

Our goal is to partner with management to take a business to the next level of success. We prefer investing in situations where management and/or the selling shareholders are willing to reinvest with us.

Mondriaan Group Singapore is an innovative investment firm serving the growing needs of Asian companies in multiple sectors, It's primary focus is in identifying and investing across the automotive value chain in Asia Pacific.

Mondriaan deploys a proven strategy of sector focused investing; looking for opportunities where capital, experience and insight can release the potential of businesses and lead to significant growth, thereby generating superior returns. We value long term value creation for our investors and investee companies as opposed to an increasingly transactional approach that has dominated the private equity industry in the recent years. Our operational excellence experts ensure all investments made benefit from the deep strategic and industry knowledge thereby optimizing returns.

We align ourselves with committed management teams and entrepreneurs and help build businesses of significant value. The firm also has a strong track record of helping entrepreneurs launch companies with seed and early stage funding.

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